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Security is the most important concern of many homeowners. Many people pay attention to door locks but forget about window security which is the best entry point for intruders. If you live in a place with a high crime ratio or harsh environmental conditions like hurricanes, window boarding is an effective solution to protect your property. Window boarding is also preferred when you leave a property vacant or have to convert it into a warehouse. Many people wonder how to board up the windows, what is the cost, and whether should they hire a professional boarding service. Here’s the detail of how.

How to get the right size for window boards?

The right size of plywood, aluminum, or steel sheets for boarding up windows depends upon many factors like depth, length, and thickness.


The depth of the window boarding Leeds depends on the surface area of your window covering the distance from the window to the wall or the open area. For example, if the open area of your window is 350mm then you will choose a board of depth 400mm. It covers up the window completely. The size range for window sheets ranges from 150mm to 400mm. But you can have a customized sheet according to the size of your window.


The thickness of the window board is important as it should not only cover but protect the window glass. It should be precisely sized to cover up the glass, frame, and some portion of the neighboring wall near the window. The standard sizes are 18mm and 25mm but a locksmith Leeds can provide you desired size. Do not forget to take accurate measurements before purchasing a boarding sheet.


Length will cover the length and width of your window frame. The usual size range is from 600mm to 4200mm. A better option is to call window boarding repair so they can cut the right length of the sheet for you. Moreover, they can help to install the window boards, replace them or repair your old boarding sheets to maintain the security of your buildings.

Types of window boarding sheets

The cost of window boarding depends on the material you are using to board up windows. You can go for plywood, metal, polycarbonate, and metal sheets.

Plywood sheets

Plywood sheets are widely available and are durable. They are preferred by most homeowners to board up windows. They are better as compared to cardboard and you can get them for cheap around 20-30$ based on size and type. Plywood varies in thickness from medium density to lumber core density, veneer core plywood, melamine plywood, and particle board core plywood. They are different based on texture, thickness, and density.

Particleboard sheets

Particleboard sheets are lightweight and have high strength. It is cheaper as compared to plywood but does not stand a high impact. It is made up of compressed sawdust and other particles which are drawn in the form of sheets. This is perfect if you want temporary boarding at a cheaper rate but is not preferable for long-term window boarding Leeds.

Polycarbonate sheets

Polycarbonate is suitable for window boarding as they prevent window glass from shattering and hold it in place even if it is shattered. The price of these sheets varies based on their thickness ranging from 20 to 100$. You can use a thicker polycarbonate sheet for additional safety.

Metal sheets

Metal sheets are most prescribed by locksmiths and window boarding companies if you are looking for a permanent boarding solution. These steel sheets are galvanized and protect against environmental damage and burglary. Metal sheets are available in 1.5mm thickness which allows natural light but can protect all your doors and windows.

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