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Door Security

Use a good quality Lock

• An anti-snap lock at the least or the better option a 3 star high security lock with £2000 guarantee.
• If your door is wooden DO NOT rely on a Nightlatch or 3 lever lock for security on your main entrance doors. Use a 5 lever British standard sash or deadlock at the very minimum.
• lock snapping is the main type of criminal entry through a door.
• Never leave keys in the back of your door

Make sure the door is strong and in good condition

• Ideally a composite door with a multi point lock system fitted.
• whichever type you have UPVC, Woodern, Aluminium etc, Make sure it is fit for purpose and all hooks and rollers are locking into the frame.
• I have a Police contact in which I attend burglaries daily, French doors are venerable as they will smash the big pain of glass out run in the house and grab the car keys or what they can fast. The answer to help stop this happening is fitting laminated glass. You would have to be smashing the glass with a sledge hammer for a good 3-4 minutes none stop making lots of noise etc generally criminals will leave after the first few hits if no luck. Most of the time burglars don’t walk the streets with big sledge hammers.
• Ive seen UPVC door panels smashed through popping the beading off the back of the door, I would recommend not having this type of upvc door full stop. However the ones with the panel at the bottom of the door are the worse they get kicked out and burglar’s crawl through the hole.

Aditional Security

• If it's a wooden door, think about having an extra lock fitted maybe a deadlock.
• DO NOT rely on a night latch lock for your main Lock security on your front door it takes seconds to open and is silent also known as a Yale lock.
• Think about fitting a spy hole so you can see before you open your door.
• Sash jammers are simple but really affective.
• Ring doorbell or equivalent devices. • Door chains.
• Letter box restrictors prevent criminals sticking items through your letterbox
• To open your door or hook car keys off the sideboard, etc.

Lighting & Line of sight

• Make sure your entrance area is well lit and not got any obstructions like a bushy conifer blocking the view of your front door to everyone else. This obviously provides cover for criminals to try break in. If your front door is well lit it is not only convenient to you on dark nights but illuminates any thieves outside your door to the whole street and is less of an appeal to try break into


• This option is always a recommend one not always going to catch a criminal in the night dressed in black with a hat and mask on but definitely a less appealing prospect for a thief. It could pick up other invaluable evidence if the worse was to happen like a getaway car registration number. Today’s CCTV is a lot more affordable and can be installed wirelessly with the data stored in a cloud not at your house. The picture quality and night vision is second to none now too, from face recognition systems that automatically open your door to simpler system that record on a loop.

High security handles

• These are tougher than normal handles and highly resistant to snapping some have disc inserts to make it harder to pick your lock. The most common burglary is done by lock snapping but you need to snap the handle first you will not be snapping a high security handle to even access the lock

Be careful what you have or leave in your garden

• Leaving ladders insecure laying around is not a good idea the burglar could use them to access a upstairs open window or flat roof. Large stones or plant pots can be used to smash a window in or next to your door to access your home. This picture has frosted glass which is a good addition as the thief can see what’s to steal car keys etc.