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Door & Window Problems

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Door & Window Problems

Faulty Locks Locks can become faulty over time there are many working parts and it only takes one part to fail for the lock to not work properly.

Snapped keys are more common than you think. Home Secure Leeds can help you get your property back to how it should be. Keys can be snapped for a number of reasons – from general wear and tear, to attempted burglary. We can help today!

Broken door gearbox or Mechanism is very popular and will leave you unable to lock or unlock your door. The gearbox attaches the handle to the door and can become worn or broken, preventing the door from locking or unlocking.

Door Alignment issues If your door has came out of alignment you will either find it hard to lift the handle and then begin forcing it. This with end up breaking other items like your door gearbox. Also the door may not be able to lock until the door is re-aligned.

Window will not open or lock. This could be caused by a number of factors, such as a broken window lock or a malfunctioning window opener. If you are having difficulty with your window, be sure to call a professional to help you fix the issue.