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The window is a very important element of a building for the ventilation of air and exchange of light, but sometimes, we need to close the window when there is no need to. So, to close the windows and make the building secure we need some mechanical or electronic fastening devices called locks. The windows can last for 12-16 years but the individual components like locks last less. As it is a mechanical device, it can break down or it can stick.

One can do the minor window lock repair but it is preferred to hire a Locksmith, as he is the one with the required knowledge and experience for window lock repair Leeds. The services offered by a Locksmith in Leeds include repairing, replacing, installing, and dismantling window locks and door locks. Door lock repair Leeds also requires someone like a locksmith to fix the problem.

Window lock repair types

There are many types of window lock repair available:

·        Single-Hung Window Lock Repair

In single-hung windows, the bottom panel can move vertically but the upper panel remains fixed. Single-hung windows are most commonly used due to their competitive prices but their maintenance cost for window lock repair Leeds is relatively high.

·        Double-Hung Window Lock Repair

In double-hung windows, both panels can move. That’s why they can be a little costly as compared to those single-hung windows but the cost of their maintenance and lock repair is relatively low.

·        Casement Window Lock Repair

In casement windows, the window panels are hinged along their sides. They are very popular as they offer maximum ventilation. They are a little difficult to maintain.

·        Awning Window Lock Repair

Awning windows are single-panel windows, which are hinged from the upper side and the bottom side can move outward. Their initial cost is highest than all of the above-mentioned windows. In the same way, maintenance costs and lock repair costs are high as Locksmith Leeds being specialist in this field charges high.

·        Sliding Window Lock Repair

In sliding windows, panels can slide or glide horizontally in both directions. They are also a very popular option among the people.

Types of the Windows Lock

·        Keyed Locks

Keyed window locks require a specific key to be inserted to open the window.

·        Sliding Locks

Sliding locks are the ones that are mounted on the side of the window panel so that they can prevent the window panel from sliding open.

·        Folding Latch Locks

These locks are extensively used for double-hung windows. These locks allow the windows to get partially opened when it is in use.

·        Lag Screw Locks

The utilization of these locks is extensively applied all over the world. This works well on double-hung windows. For this, locksmith who has expertise in both door lock repair Leeds as well as window lock repair Leeds, needs to drill the lag screws in the recessed washers of the panels.

Almost all of the currently used window types and lock types are described above. Each window lock type is different. That means to install, replace, repair or dismantle any window lock you need adequate knowledge, expertise and some specific tools. If you are in need of window lock repair Leeds and you yourself try to repair the lock, being an in-experience person, you may intensify the problem or in the case of installing or replacing the lock, you may break your lock. That’s why it is important to let a professional do the work in which he is the expert. It is better to call a locksmith for window lock repair Leeds. At this stage you need to call Home Secure Leeds, which is best in repairing, installing, replacing and upgrading of the locks.

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