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Windows are an important part of your house and add to the aesthetic. Apart from the doors, they are important to provide security. A window lock is important to secure the window in place and avoid unnecessary break-ins. But a broken window lock is something that many people ignore. It is an open invitation to the burglars. You can fix the broken windows yourself but a window lock repair service can do the job more quickly and professionally.

Stiff Window Locks

A stiff window lock is due to overuse or if the windows have been closed for a long time. The solution is to use a silicon-based lubricant, preferably WD-40 to ease the locks. But you should not use lubricant in excessive amounts otherwise it can damage the interior or exterior of the window. With WD-40 you should be extremely careful and use it where needed.

Detaching the window gasket from its Frame

The gasket becomes attached to the window frame if you do not close the window for a long time. Do not open the window using extra force otherwise, you can damage the window frame or break the gasket. Instead, use a knife or a sharp blade to separate it from the frame. You can call a technician if you are unsure of what to do for window lock repair.

Condensation of Windows

Condensation on windows occurs because of the temperature change at the sides of the glass. If the external temperature is cold and you have turned on the heaters it is more likely to get condensation on the inner side. Similarly, condensation can also occur if your air conditioning is off high temperature as compared to the external heat. It indicates that the ventilation is not proper inside your house which causes condensation.

There could be a problem with the lock or seal of the double-glazing window. A technician can solve this window lock repair Leeds problem by replacing the seal or window glass between the double-glazing so that condensation does not occur between the opposing sides of a window.

Yellow Window Glass

Your window frames can turn yellow due to prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiations. Glass windows hold their texture for a long time but can easily be broken until it is break-proof glass. uPVC windows are however made up of polyvinyl chloride plastic which has a greater impact but turns yellow due to constant radiation exposure. This can ruin the aesthetic of your house.

This does not disregard uPVC windows at all because they are durable and can go undamaged for up to 10 years. You can try having a shade or covering on the top of the window to avoid direct sunlight exposure on the windows, especially during the summer months. On the other hand, using virgin uPVC windows is the solution. They are of the finest quality and unlikely to turn yellow.

What should you do to Maintain Window Locks?

Clean the windows and locks regularly

You should clean the window locks regularly and keep them lubricated for proper functioning. Use a soap and water solution or water and vinegar solution to clean the window glass and window panes properly to prevent any sort of discoloration or stuck locks.

Hire a professional service

A professional Window Lock Repair Leeds service can help you get rid of all sorts of window lock problems efficiently. They will inspect your windows and door locks annually or monthly to avoid any sort of inconvenience. It is quite impactful for your security. All the windows around your house are important and prone to get broken. A team of experts can fix all sorts of issues within no time.

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