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GreenteQ Orion TS007 3 Star Profile Cylinder greenteQ’s latest profile cylinder from VBH


Home Secure Leeds is now also fitting the GreenteQ Orion


DescriptionThe Orion from greenteQ is the latest TS007 Kitemark approved profile cylinder available from VBH. It offers full 3-star protection. The premium quality product features effective protection against bumping, picking and drilling, as well as the snap and extract method. Orion is available in bright nickel and brass finishes, in key/key and thumb-turn variants, and also in keyed alike pairs. Each cylinder is supplied with 5 Q-branded dimple keys, while keyed alike pairs are supplied with 6 keys. The external side features a sacrificial breakpoint to hamper attempts to gain entry by snapping and extracting the cylinder. Once this has broken away, the interlocking mechanism engages to prevent further damage to the cylinder. This achieves the security function, and the safety of those inside the building is assured as the interlock can be over-ridden by turning the key through 360° or, in the case of a thumb turn cylinder, by pushing in the button on the thumb-turn knob and rotating it. Normal unlocking and exit can now take place.



  • Qualifies for the Q-secure PREMIUM level warranty when all other components on the door are also rated PREMIUM

  • TS007 Kitemark 3 star profile cylinder (KM591531)

  • Protects against bumping, drilling, picking and snap & extract

  • Supplied with 5 attractive dimple keys

  • 10-year performance warranty

  • proteQ10 guarantee pays out £2000 if a break in is achieved as a direct result of the cylinder snapping

  • Security AND safety assured

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