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Window locks are necessary for your security but like any other machinery, they tend to break up over time. If your window locks are old, they might stop working because of wear and tear. Extreme temperatures can also affect their work. Extreme cold might cause them to freeze which hinders the internal mechanism of the window lock. On the other hand, extremely warm temperatures can also damage the window locks.

How to repair or replace window locks?

Broken window locks are easy to trace as the window can not open or close properly. An experienced window lock repair Leeds company can help you get rid of stuck windows and broken locks. You can also fix the broken locks yourself by following these steps:

  1. Firstly remove the screws that are holding up the lock with the help of a screwdriver.
  2. Detach the lock from the window frame.
  3. Now put the new lock in the place of the old one.
  4. Use a window handle to ensure the precise location of the window lock.
  5. You will then drill additional holes in the metal frame for the right positioning. Put the screws back while securing the window handle.
  6. The direction of the lock might be different if you are using a new type of lock.

You can either change the lock mechanism if it keeps jamming or does not work properly. You will use a screwdriver to replace the old one and use a new one. The second option is to upgrade the security of your window by adding a security grille. The intruders can not break in through your windows.

A window film can also be very helpful for security. It keeps the glass safe even when it is shattered. Many people forget about the backyard windows or windows on the second floor while having a lock replacement. It can be a serious threat to your belongings and family.

Window replacement cost

The concern of most homeowners is the cost of window lock repair. You might be able to get a better deal with a professional window lock repair service. The average cost for a window lock replacement is somewhere between 60 to 75 dollars.

It depends on many factors like the type of window, location, and the work required. Many companies offer discount packages or negotiate prices if they cover all the windows around your place.

Should I hire a window lock repair service?

Repairing a window lock is not as easy as it seems. A window lock repair Leeds service can perform a better job. You might want a window lock upgrade if you have purchased or rented out a place as you do not know how many copies of your keys exist.

Consider having a key lock mechanism so only you can access the windows. Even if you have a secure door lock but the windows are unlocked, it is a major threat. Intruders and burglars can easily get into your property.

Moreover, a professional service can do the job more quickly and precisely. You can have them replace all the window locks around your house. They will clean up after the task and use premium tools that do not damage your window frames or walls. It is practically not possible for you to fix all the window locks within a day or two.

They know about the latest locks and can provide you with additional comfort and security. Renowned companies also offer annual inspections so you do not need to worry about the immobile or broken window and door lock repair Leeds.

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