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Owning a vacant property or having a place that is prone to theft or environmental damage comes with a lot of challenges. You need to cover up the open spaces. This process is called ‘boarding up”. But it should be done properly with the help of Window boarding Leeds professionals. You can use plywood, cardboard, or steel to board up windows and doors.

Steel or wood for boarding

Wood and steel are two common options for boarding windows. Timber or plywood is used to board up windows because it is easy to work with, temporary, and readily available. It gives multiple options for designing and you can remove it when you want.

The technicians need simple tools and screws to work with wood. These sheets are highly combustible which means they are not much secure and can increase the damage to your property.

Steel on the other hand is more durable and secure. The experts use specialized tools to fix steel for boarding windows. They are secured with anti-tamper screws and fixings which make them immovable and irreplaceable.

Steel sheets are perfect if you want to make a restricted access area. No one can penetrate them with a normal set of tools, which means a secure option against burglars.

Benefits of window boarding

Window boarding is helpful in areas where you are more likely to get hurricanes or extreme weather changes. High winds can shatter your window glass. However, you should employ window boarding Leeds professional services for the job.

Boarding material reduces the impact on the window glass making you and your belongings secure. Window boarding is done from the exterior and is difficult especially while working on multiple-story buildings.

Window boarding Service has expertise in the job and they do it better instead of an amateur. It helps against burglars and they can not gain unwanted access to your property. Window boarding provides you protection if you have broken or removed the glass.

You can also board windows if you want a Glass Replacement Leeds to want to protect an already present glass. If your window glass is broken, window boarding can be a safe temporary solution.

Common errors with window lock repair Leeds

Many people do not consider boarding the windows for the upper floors. It is an open invitation for the burglars and your windows can also get damaged. You should not take a risk with rented or commercial and vacated property. They are a risk to your security. Maybe you are thinking to reduce the costs but it can be greater damage.

Secondly, many people try to board the windows themselves. It is a common mistake. Handling wood sheets is somewhat easy and you need basic tools, but it is not easy to work with steel sheets.

The professionals for Window boarding Leeds are a better idea. They can take accurate measurements and do the job quickly. Plus, they have the right expertise and equipment, so your boarding would be accurate.

Pros and Cons of Window Boarding

Window boarding is undoubtedly the best way to protect buildings. When done properly, it can prevent the window glass from damage and unwanted access. It acts as a solid barrier and lowers or mitigates the harm to your property.

Steel sheets are better as compared to wood sheets as the latter can catch fire easily. The material required for window boarding is easy to get and you can seek professional help.

You need to have a lot of plywood or steel to board up all the windows. This can be a costly solution and is not permanent. Boarding up windows seals your property and there is no natural light.

The installation is time-consuming and you need to plan on boarding beforehand. But overall, window boarding adds to the security of your building.

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