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Windows are the most important part of a house and they need maximum security. If you don’t know how to lock your windows properly, it’s easy for thieves to get in. Thieves and burglars will cause damage to your windows and you’ll require Window Repair Leeds for that. To avoid that situation here’s all you need to know about locking your windows.

It’s not a secret that doors and windows are the easiest places for thieves to get in. From our experience, one of the most important things you can do to protect your home and family from burglars and thieves is to lock up your doors and window Locks. If you want to stop theft, you should always close your blinds or put something in front of your windows so that people can’t see in. Burglars will use any information they can find to decide if your house is worth breaking into or not. If they can see into your house, they can not only find things to steal, but they might also learn how your house is set up and what your family does, and how they do it.

Different kinds of Window Locks

For each type of window, there is a type of lock that works best. It’s worth saying that you should always be careful to find and put on the right locks or latches for your home’s Window Repair Leeds. Here is a list of the different kinds of locks you will need to choose from. You’ll need a Locksmith Leeds to install these locks for you.

Sash Locks

Most of the time, sash locks are made for double-hung windows. There are two parts to them. A piece in the shape of a crescent turns to go into or out of a piece that looks like a house. Since they are made of metal and the two parts of the latch touch over a large area, they are pretty safe and work well to keep your double-hung windows locked.

Key Locks

Several types of windows can have locks with keys put on them. They are a very safe choice because you need a key to open them. Most of the time, they are attached to the frame at the bottom of the windows. Keyed locks are a good way to keep people out because they are hard to break into.

Window Bars

Window bars do an excellent job. Even if the glass is broken, it will be hard for an intruder to take off the bars and get through the window. But window bars should only ever be put in by a trained professional. If they aren’t put in the right way, they could damage the outside wall or stop burglars from getting in. One of the bad things about window bars is that they can make your home less valuable. People often think that if there are window bars in a neighborhood, it is not safe.

Windows Latches

When it comes to locking your windows, window latches are probably the most aesthetically pleasing way to do it. Most vinyl windows have a latch that looks and works a lot like the way a window sash does. But a folding window latch is often used on casement windows. To lock the window, just fold down the folding latch.

Security Systems

Even though they aren’t technically locks, window entry sensors can add another layer of security to your windows. When the system senses that a window has been opened, it sounds an alarm and lets the owner know. Most of the time, magnetic contact sensors are used to do this. When the window is closed, the sensors stay close together and almost touch. If you need Window Repair Leeds contact Home Secure Leeds.

When the window is opened, the magnetic sensors are no longer in contact, which sets off the alarm. Security systems work best for door lock repair as well. If you have made up your mind to install any of these locks, call Home Secure Leeds to fix and install them for you. They are the best for window repair Leeds and guide you about different locks as well.


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